Bikinis Brazilian

A Brazilian bikini and Brazilian cut bikini are essentially the same thing.  But in case you don’t know what either is, here’s a little info.

The average bikini bottom has full coverage in the front and back and are connected with side straps or ties.  The Brazilian style revs up the sex appeal of the bottom and skims off some of the fabric off the sides of the back.  Instead of a wider cut of fabric, they designed a version that was more svelte and showed off a bit more cheek.  Less fabric means less time being preoccupied adjusting any bagging and sagging that happens with the typical bottom (don’t pretend you don’t know what what I’m referring to).  With the Brazilian bikini style, what you have is a flattering look that shows off a sexy butt without showing it all off the way, say, a thong bikini would.  It’s the ideal balance between being exposed and covered.

Now that more and more women are taking pride in their bodies and feeling confident in showing them off, the Brazilian bikini style is gaining a lot of momentum.  Aside from South America, this bikini is growing in popularity on beaches in Europe, the Caribbean and Australia.  It’s proven to be a nice middle ground for women who are tired of the average bikini bottom, but don’t want to  wear a thong bikini.  Like anything else Brazilian, there’s undoubted sex appeal to this style.  So, for any woman out there looking to cause a stir at the beach, try on a Brazilian bikini and experience for yourself just how sexy a swimsuit can be!

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